Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Top pitching matchups - 6/7/11

The most intriguing fantasy matchups tonight:

Best Battles:
7:05 PM EST
Red Sox - Lester
@ Yankees - Garcia
No surprise here - it's the Red Sox and Yankees, afterall. What wasn't anticipated before the year, however, was such a good year by Freddy Garcia. A tough matchup against the BoSox may help determine the extent of that resurgence.

8:05 PM EST
Diamondbacks - Hudson (6-5, 4.22)
@ Pirates - Correia (8-4, 3.40)
It's rare for a Diamondbacks-Pirates matchup to headline, but with two good pitchers on the hill this could be special. Hudson has had his ups and downs, but he's still potential ace material. Correia was the first pitcher to 8 wins this year.

8:05 PM EST
Mariners - Hernandez
@ White Sox - Humber
Phil Humber looks to prove he can compete with another high-end opponent.

6:05 PM EST
Dodgers - De La Rosa (1-0, 1.80)
@ Phillies - Oswalt (3-3, 2.70)
Rubby De La Rosa makes his first big league start. after a few good bullpens he has a legitimate shot to compete against Roy Oswalt. Oswalt has struggled recently, but he has the better offense backing him and therefore the advantage.

6:05 PM EST
Braves - Hanson (6-4, 2.28)
Marlins - Hand (0-0, NA)
Little known Brad Hand tries his arm at the big league level out of Double-A.. He's a pretty good prospect, so it's a shame he has such a tough draw the first time out. Still might be worth a desperate flier in fantasy play.

9:05 PM EST
Rays - Cobb (0-0, 5.91)
@ Angels - Haren (5-3, 2.29)
With Haren battling a health issue and Cobb having reversed his luck in a second no decision in two starts, why not gamble on the young gun? It's not like the Angels offense sets the world on fire.
Sure Thing:

No brainer:
8:05 PM EST
Mets - Capuano (3-6, 5.19)
@ Brewers - Marcum (6-2, 2.78)
If Capuano is available on the waiver wire, you're better off without him. Marcum is the best bet off all starters to get a win tonight.

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