Monday, May 16, 2011

Royals' third shot at Tomlin

Keep an eye on Indians starter Josh Tomlin tonight and this week. Tomlin, who has looked extremely effective in his seven starts this season (4-1), faces the Kansas City Royals for the third time Monday night. The previous two meetings, the Royals failed to string together hits and save for a pair of solo homers in game two put little pressure on Tomlin. Now with a new and potent lefty bat in the lineup in Eric Hosmer, we'll see if the third time is the charm for Kansas City. Tomlin's gotten by while surrendering a hefty eight home runs in 46 2/3 innings so far this season. If Tomlin does get past KC, he'll face a tough lineup in the Cincinnati Reds over the weekend.

Fantasy Impact: We'll see if the Royals can better game plan for Tomlin after seeing him twice in the span of six days back in late April. Tomlin's peripheral numbers are underwhelming. He's striking out just five batters per nine innings and the longball could eventually become a problem - that is if at team can produce some more hits against him. Tomlin has sparkled, allowing just 1.7 walks per nine innings and six hits per nine. The hits numbers are atypical for a guy who doesn't strike people out. Tomlin has pitched like a fantasy ace over the early part of this season. We'll see if the team that's seen him the most can actually expose him. Otherwise, we might be witnessing the emergence one of those few guys that can really pitch and get by without much help from strikeouts.

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