Saturday, August 2, 2008

Postseason predictions

Now that the big deals are done, it is time to make a few guesses at how the rest of 2008 plays out. Here's Spitting Seeds' selections for the postseason.

American League

AL East: Boston Red Sox - Manny is gone, the staff is stronger than New York, and Tampa failed to get a right-handed bat in the outfield.

AL Central: Chicago White Sox - They have to keep hitting homers to get it done. Minnesota will pester them to the end.

AL West: Los Angeles Angels - Nobody in that division can catch them.

Wild Card: Tampa Bay Rays - Just enough pitching to hold off the Yankees, even if the BoSox catch them for the division.

National League

NL East: Philadelphia Phillies - The starting lineup, as powerful as they come, needs to stay healthy.

NL Central: Chicago Cubs - The Brewers lost four games to Chicago at home in a four-game sweep. They've got an outside chance, but aren't consistent enough.

NL West: Arizona Diamondbacks - The best pitching staff in the National League will be hard to catch, even if the Dodgers got Manny.

NL Wild Card: Milwaukee Brewers - Sheets and Sabathia are hard to beat. The Marlins, Mets and Cardinals might be able to scrap, but Milwaukee's too tough.

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